The Story Behind The Start Of Body By Stacy

Stacy Mitchell, CPT

Every business has a story…the reason they took on their very first client, or opened their doors for the first time. For me, it was something that you could say “just happened.”

I hope when you are finished reading my story that it somehow helps to inspire and motivate you to accomplish ANY goals in that you may have.

I have always been an active person and into fitness in some way, shape or form, and for the most part, was not overweight in my young and teenage years. Then, I became pregnant with my first child at the age of 17. For the entire pregnancy, I stayed active and only gained 14 lbs.! (My son weighed a whopping 8 lbs. 6 oz.!) Shortly after my pregnancy, I went back to eating what I normally ate…The “usual suspects”…Big Macs (my favorite), Pizza Hut (cheese lovers pizza with black olives and pepperoni), Cheetos (crunchy), and Mountain Dew. Not to mention, the occasional Taco Bell, Wendy’s, and so on.

Well, we all know that your body changes after having a child. My metabolic rate somehow was much slower, and my activity level was the same. No sleep, didn’t know what I was doing, stressed, and still eating my “usual suspects.” Long story short, I gained a whopping 20 lbs. in 8 months. Let me just say that for me, that was A LOT OF WEIGHT! I realized it for the first time looking at a family photo, and saying “Is that me?” I was mortified!

I decided to join a local chain that promised weight loss (let’s leave them nameless so I don’t get sued). Well, after buying their food and losing my 20 lbs. in a short 5 months, I was ready to break the chain (I seriously couldn’t afford it anymore), and try it on my own. I shortly realized I had learned absolutely nothing. By buying already prepared and pre-portioned food, I still had no idea how to read a label, or know what proper nutrition even meant. Yet again, I started to gain back some of the weight.

About 5 years later, I had my second beautiful child. I have to say the pregnancy went about the same, not much weight gain, normal size child delivered, and in my “bigger” jeans in about 3 weeks. I did, however, all of a sudden have the ability to be able to hold my belly in my hand. I was, again, mortified! Nothing I did made this go away. I tried workout tapes, and every crazy fitness item that came on TV. (There were many!) - Still eating the “usual suspects.”

The day that changed my life forever was the day I had my annual gynecologist appointment. I was in some kind of early on depression, and asked my doctor what I could do for my, as I felt, seemingly forever changed body, complaining that I was afraid to wear a bikini again, EVER! (I lived in Florida - everyone wears a bikini.) He looked right at me and said, “Get a different bathing suit. Your body is now what it is, and is part of having children. There is nothing you can do about it, but get used to it.” - YUP! He said that! Needless to say, I was not a happy camper, and fuming mad!

You must know what happened next. I started to research Nutrition! Turns out, effective body changes REALLY DO start in the kitchen! That was also right about the time that the amazing man we know as Joseph Pilates had shared his fitness secrets.
- GOOD TIMING! - I started to study Pilates, and make up some of my own spins on his awesome moves to make them a little tougher and more effective. Then I started to learn how to fuel my body the RIGHT way. - No more “usual suspects.”

About 2 years later, I started taking a kickboxing class at my local YMCA that was so hard, I thought I would die! After about 2 weeks of continuous effort, I finally began to feel myself make it all the way through. And started to get addicted!

Not long after, the instructor of that class decided she no longer wanted to teach the class and asked if I was interested. - UMMMMMMM - YYYUUPPP!!!!!!
I shortly became a certified Group Ex and Kickboxing Instructor. Then everything else just had a domino effect. I was where I was meant to be! I soon, thereafter, earned by Personal Trainer Certification, and have well since continued to accrue many other certifications along the way. I also pride myself in the continuance of education of exercise sciences, and continue to be amazed at what our bodies can adapt to, as well as accomplish.

My passion is not only fitness, but helping people change their bodies, confidence levels, and their lives. I make my prices affordable, and my classes and sessions are designed to give optimum results, using form, exercise science, education and experience.