An Amazing Cardio Resistance and Endurance Class! Use weights to intensify cardio moves and push through intervals by diggin' deep!!!

Bag Boxing & Kickboxing

Shred your Body with the ultimate Boxing and Kickboxing Workout! Gain Strength, Cardio and Endurance!


RIPPED = Resistance, Interval, Power, Plyometrics, Endurance, and Diet. This class is music based, and is a complete body makeover, consisting of athletic movements and weight training with the fun of interval/cardio movement as well! >Benefits of these classes are increase of core strength, endurance, agility, flexibility, and overall body strength!

BUTI YOGA w/Bizzie on the Big Screen

BUTI YOGA is a new COMPLETELY ENERGIZING type of Yoga combining Plyometrics, Tribal Dance and Yoga into one Drenching Workout! Leaves you Feeling Like A Million Dollars! - Stacy will be certified on 11/4 to begin to teach this class without the following of Bizzie on the Big Screen! (for now, it is just as awesome!)


Combine Strength Spinning with Awesome and Challenging Weights, Plyometrics and Strength Training Moves! - GET IT DONE!


Join us for a Strength Ride of Hilly Terrain!


Pilates is a low impact class that offers great All Body Toning and Core Conditioning!

Individualized Personal Programs

Virtual Training

NOW YOU CAN GET FIT FROM ANYWHERE! Got kids and can't leave the house? Have a crazy work schedule and limited driving time? Not ready to walk into a gym yet? Workout sessions designed specifically for your needs and your goals from wherever you want to access them. Learn new ways to move your body and achieve your fitness and wellness goals!
Cost: $25 per session with a pre-paid credit card.

Personal Training

Do you need a little extra attention? Not sure where to begin with your fitness routine? Call today and find out about our in studio personal training sessions!