Meet Jack

Meet Jack

I was born August 16, 1974 in Hackensack New Jersey I fell in love with muscles and strength when I was about seven years old like most kids I got my fix from the WWF. I was a strong willed kid anything anybody told me not to do I did which believe it or not lead me into more trouble than good.
In my early years I was raised by mom, it was just me and her for some time then my baby sister came
along, from early on I always felt I had to protect the people in my life. We didn't have a very large extended family or any at the time to really speak of so most the times it was just the three of us. That all changed and my stepdad showed up and became the leader of our family he taught me about sacrifice, strength and honor and how important a person's name is. The value of a handshake, and a promise; he showed
me what it takes to really be a part of a family , and how to lead by sometimes following and to always put the needs of those that care for you before your own. I learned the meaning of selflessness first hand.

Fast forward a bunch years and a 3 hour drive north into upstate New York. The year was 1999 and I was about to become a father. It was time for me to put down my boyish ways, a fast lifestyle and become someone my son could be proud of - I bought my first home gym. I trained for almost a year with very little results not knowing the first thing about sets reps contractions or nutrition.

I stumbled through that first year whole hearted but half witted with no real knowledge and no real direction. I was lucky enough to finally be able to join a local gym when it opened in my town, there I met other people that now in hindsight I know really had no idea what they were doing either, but we suffered through it together. I was 6'2" 172 pounds benching 185 lbs, squatting 205 lbs and was deadlifting ... " what's dead lifting ??"

The end of my second year I met a man who knew everything about everything regarding nutrition supplements training. He was a plethora of knowledge and just as eager for a student as I was for a mentor. I hit the iron lottery, I was about to receive the the gift of pain agony and knowledge of positive self destruction, I had been looking for for almost two years. It was on!!

With his guidance during my third and fourth year I put almost 25 pounds of lean muscle on. I was 6'2" 198 pounds benching 300, squatting 315, and deadlifting 500. I loved what I was doing before I had any gains. At the middle end of my fourth year my future was laid out I was a lifer...

In 2012 I decided to study for my personal trainer certificate from Issa (international sports science association). I continue to educate myself thoroughly, I'm involved deeply in bodybuilding , and strength training it is one of my few passions.

Through the years I've had more lifting partners than a person can count I had to learn early on that training was something I have to be prepared to do on my own every day, if someone is there or not. It can't make or break my routine. Ultimately we only have ourselves and believe me there's comfort in that.

This life we live, inside our gym and in our kitchens preparing our meals, its ours and ours alone. If ever you decide to share these ideals - the ins and outs of our lifestyle - with those that don't live the life, they may call you "selfish", "obsessed", or even "crazy". Over the years I let that get to me, more times than I care to admit.. now as I'm approaching almost my 20th year of training, when I find myself speaking with one of these "others " - as you will too - I just smile , because they'll never know the bliss we feel post workout , the joy of utter exhaustion, the bang and surge of the pump, the anticipation in the pre workout because gym time is just an hour away, and most of all they won't know the bonds we share with one another. The relationships forged here , like-minded people intentionally destroying and rebuilding themselves day after day. Friends bleeding, sweating, screaming, feeding off each other's energy, pushing our individual limits.

I challenge anyone reading this with the same mantra I challenge myself with every day "DARE TO BE POWERFUL, BEYOND BELIEF." Because it will happen... together . We will do it together. I'm a Huge believer in D3:

  • Desire
  • Discipline
  • Dedication

We are of our own breed, we might look like everyone else , we get up in the morning, have our coffee, go to our 9-5 , take care of our families, but inside there's something about us a little different. Something in us that just that can't find peace, or rest, something that will not quiet. This thing is what separates us from the herd. Use it, don't ignore it. Unleash it. Change your life.

"What one person can do another person can do ." There are no "can'ts", only "won'ts". Will you do what is necessary to reach your goal? Will you make the hard choices and do what's right and not what comes easy? Do you have what it takes to stay the course?

Come to Body by Stacy and find out. I can't wait to meet you. Thanks for taking your time and reading this. Remember it's just one meal, one workout at a time..... we are Body by Stacy.