Featured Client

Andrea Reece

When I came to Oneonta, I didn't know anyone. I happened to choose BBS for a Zumba class because I desperately missed it and it was the cheapest and most convenient for my schedule. I remember getting in my car on a cold, snowy night, wondering if it was going to be worth my time going out in practically a blizzard to do this class. I found a spot, the lights turned off, and we started. By the end, I was a sweaty mess and thought to myself how I had never done a Zumba class THAT intense. It was, for lack of a better word, AWESOME. I was hooked. I couldn't stop going. But, more than that, BBS has been the place where I found what I believe will be some lifelong friends. Stacy came up to me right after with a big smile and made me feel very welcome. Soon after, other lovely ladies (and Marc...he counts too, lol) welcomed me with open arms to the BBS family. That's the part about BBS that's unlike any other gym....people don't just come and go. We don't just do our workouts and leave it behind after. We are a network of awesome. We are a family. We hang out outside of classes. We are all Facebook friends and talk about our struggles. We are best friends in some cases. I have had good days and I have had bad days, but for the most part, any day that I have a BBS class that's waiting for me in the afternoon is a good day. Will it kick my ass? Hell yes. Will it also be awesome? Hell yes. Thank you, Stacy....for so much more than just a Zumba class.

Andrea Reece

Happy Clients

The classes are fun and challenging! And it is good for any level of fitness. Stacy is so encouraging and she knows her stuff about injuries! I was worried about my back injury but Stacy showed me what movements to do and which to avoid and my back is doing great. I started with the Lounge to Life program and it is fabulous.


Before I met Stacy, I had zero self esteem. I was overweight, lazy, never left the house. I didn’t even believe anyone when i was given a compliment. Then my friend Tay had me go to a turbo class with her. Then i tried zumba. Holy wow i had fallen in love!! I just kept going back! That was around christmas last year. Since then I’ve lost about 30 lbs and I’ve never felt or looked better! And even more, I’ve made the most incredible friends n come bursting out of my comfort zone! If it weren’t for Stacy I’d still be overweight sitting on my couch hating how I look. Body by Stacy has changed my life and I couldn’t be happier!!! I love u Stacy!!

Samantha Wahl

At age 59 I am the fittest and strongest in my life, thanks to Stacy's classes and her Fit Factor program. (The muscle tone is fun, too!). It has always been hard for me to incorporate exercise into my life -- the structure of Stacy's classes has really helped me do this. I encourage everyone to give it a try--classes are a great workout, are adaptable to your fitness level, and you'll see improvements in a few short weeks. Everyone is very supportive, and it's fun!


When I first started at body by stacy's I started because of a dear friend Sierra Falconio because her beautiful bad ass sister Courtney Falconio-Anzalone was doing her first Turbo class and she wanted us to go to support her first class, So i was like what the hell why not I can really afford to loose some weight @ 237 pounds, well needles to say I had a couple of friends jump on board to right Samantha Wahl...well with in a few very early sunday morning classes (even some of them being very hung over ) we became to love it whole heartedly it very quickly became part of my weekly routine. So I then joined the biggest looser with yet again my favorite girl Samantha wahl and a couple other ladies and to my surprise won my first biggest looser challenge dropping almost 30 lbs and 27 and a half inches (right Stacy Mitchell). Stacy, Courtney, Crystal Burleson-Barrett opened up there minds there hearts and there drive to every beautiful woman big or small that walked threw that door. They made me wanna try harder, be better and eat better. Hearing stacy's life story on how she got started hit home for me because of my very own life situation at the time. I tried different things I never knew would be possible for me, when I first stepped foot in this gym a sit up didn't exist to me...but they do now!! I unfortunately packed up and left to North Carolina cause life here is much sweeter for me but with that being said I left behind the most beautiful strong willed females I have ever met and I miss them daily. Nothing and I mean nothing or know one can ever compare to the amazing group of ladies that i had the pleasure of working out with on a weekly basis..Even tho im not there to join in on the fun i keep close tabs on them and whats going on and cheer them on consistently. I am forever thankful for everything these ladies did for me and continue to do for everyone like me who had no will or drive. Did I mention when I first stepped foot in there I was 237 pounds and left stacys place at 182lbs. I love you guys and miss you like crazy. keep doing what you do and doing it badder than any woman/man out there!

Tanya Brockstedt

The first class I came to was Zumba. I remember looking at the clock... class was only 15 minutes in. I thought I was going to pass out but I kept going. On the way home I called my friend and told her how great it was and she needed to try it.
The next class I did was RIP to the Core. I almost threw up but survived. I got home and my husband asked how was it. My response: That Lady is crazy, she's trying to kill me. Asked if I was going back and said yes. My feeling was I'm still alive and the weight isn't going away by itself.
I've joined other gyms before but none had that warm welcoming atmosphere. I remember thinking the first time I walked in.... I was going to be judged and laughed at. Thank you for proving me wrong.
Overall you push us to be better than we were the day before. Thank you for having a welcoming atmosphere. Thank you for being awesome.

Mona Lissa

I have to say I've always done my own thing with working out, did it mostly from home and then when I did use a gym I never did classes, well Stacy's classes has totally changed how I work out. The classes all give you a KILLER work out, I'm excited to go and see what crazy and kick ass moves she has in store for us. The classes also bring you into a positive community of people all cheering each other on and going for the same goals. The staff are all down to earth and working their butts off during the classes too. It's overall a great experience and I'm so happy I joined! Thank you Stacy and staff for being so awesome!